Taking Time with…the Violists

“It’s the instrument closest in range to the human voice…. Like the human voice, it’s fallible, and in its upper reaches, it chokes…. And in its depths, it grumbles; it growls.” This is how Jennifer Stumm, a newcomer to the Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival, describes her instrument of choice, the viola. Jennifer gave a TEDx Talk in December 2011 about her “imperfect instrument,” as she likes to call it.  While she holds the impressive, and perhaps intimidating, title of International Chair of Viola at the Royal College of Music in London, Jennifer is every bit the personable, modern musician. Her Twitter account is laden with links to articles of all topics, as well as one-liners that show off her personality. “I have played the Arpeggione sonata untold times and still I kneel as an unworthy supplicant at the altar of Schubert,” reads one of her tweets. Visit her website to learn more about her.

Another newcomer to the Festival is violist Rebecca Albers. Her list of achievements (along with all the other musicians’) goes on and on, but one particular accomplishment is noteworthy among the rest: she was the youngest faculty member in the Department of Strings at the University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre, & Dance. Rebecca also is a member of the Albers Trio, which is made up of herself and her two sisters, Laura (violin) and Julie (cello). You can read more about Rebecca and the Albers Trio on her website.

David Quiggle at the Cherry Avenue B&G Club
Violist David Quiggle returns to the Festival for his second time this September. Last year, he visited the Boys & Girls Club at Cherry Avenue as one of the Festival’s two educational outreach programs (pictured above). He was a huge hit with the kids: he brought his own viola and even let the children play with it! David will be performing on Thursday, September 13th at 8pm at the Paramount, after which will be a reception for all concert-goers to mingle with the musicians and enjoy light refreshments. He will also be performing the following day for our FREE lunchtime concert, on Friday, September 14th at 12:30pm, at the Paramount.